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WHEEL Brand/WORK Item/RIZALTADO SPOKE2 Size/F:17×7.0+39/R:17×7.0+35 Color/マットブラック
Tire Brand/ATR RADIAL Item/ATR-K Size/F/R:195/40 R17  

 Uncompromised beauty to overcome a compact size limit 

 TOYOTA TANK, the new 1 litter compact van
gained the edge in popularity as soon as it was introduced in Japan.

 Now, ROWEN completed unique body kits and
exhaust systems

 on this popular model.


 The design features are ;


   Front spoiler  ; Creation of sportiness through addition of

                   type lips, center 3 ducts
and side LED spot lights.


   Front grill ;  Undramatic, nevertheless sophisticated with
simple fin shape


    Side skirt  ; Beautifully connected front part through to
rear part

                 By wing shaped bodies at the
rear end.


   Rear half spoiler ; Double diffusers with
LED back fog lamp

                       in which two different
types are available

                       ,one to attach  ROWEN exhaust systems

                       and  one to attach a genuine muffler


   Trunk spoiler ; Key items to add rear view