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WHEEL Brand/PRODRIVE Item/GC-05N Size/F:20×8.5+35 R:20×9.5+35 Color/ブラッシュドフィニッシュ
Tire Brand/POTENZA Item/S001 Size/F:235/30/20 R:265/30/20  

Pursuit of Ultimate Moulding Arts

We have kept a great impact on Toyota 86 by ROWEN body kit with “Hyper  Euro Luxury Sports” concept, since the launching at Tokyo Auto Salon 2013”.

Now,we add a new Front bumper to fit with the reformed 86. It is promising that the fresh design to emphasize an extreme aggressiveness impress 86 fans. Although the overall design taste with LED spot lights on edges of center opening grill is kept, various new beauties like additional 3 spots LED lights and wing shaped details at the side boost up aesthetic appreciation.

The Front bumper for minor changed 86 can be installed on SUBARU BRZ without any reforming.

Popular ROWEN style full body kits like side guards, rear bumper with diffuser and 2 ducts to give a rich, volumed and wide feeling in the tyre house area, as well as 3 dimentional Rear wing spoiler.  On top of that, ROWEN unique items, Front fender and bonnet are also available for drivers with racy spirits.

Exhausts systems can be selected from ample variations ; 2 pipes and 4 pipes are available. Systems fitted to ROWEN original bumpers and genuine TOYOTA bumpers are available. (Please note that PREMIUM01S SUS 4 pipes exhaust systems can be fitted to the only ROWEN bumper.) Main pipes with 70 φ is available to high power models like super charger vehicles.