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WHEEL Brand/PRODRIVE Item/GC-05N Size/F:20x9.5+40 / R:20x11.0+24 Color/
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Ferrari 488GTB Exhaust Sound

Unique aesthetics to boost up supreme beauty

488GTB body kit joined in the WORLD PLATINUM line up by ROWEN.

The add –on type front spoiler as well as optional four canards on side fins engender discrimination from the original
simple front bumper.
The side guards equipped with detachable wings and rear spat bumper extension convey premium beauty,avoiding too
heavy rear looks.
The bonnet hood liners are equipped on the bump between the bonnet and front bumper. The side duct garnishes give extra beauty together with cool air introduction. On top of those things,we launched the unique low mounting rear wing designed to take aerodyanamic balance with the front portion. A stainless exhaust system from PREMIUM01S series is now under development. The unique beautiful devices shift turbo sounds to high frequency sounds.