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WHEEL Brand/PRODRIVE Item/GC-0100 Size/F:19x9.5+35 / R:19x9.5+45 Color/
Tire Brand/POTENZA Item/RE-71R Size/F/R: 245/35-19  

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SUBARU WRX STI (&S4) Exhaust Sound (Real run) *Stainless

WRX STI(VAB)&S4(VAG)用ステンレス製4サイレンサーマフラー《PREMIUM01S》が完成いたしました。


Sti supremacism applause “THE BEING”

ROWEN, which has been producing many body
kit for SUBARU cars, had newly lunched WRX Sti body kit at Tokyo Auto Salon 2017.

The Front Bumper is followed by Subaru
original bumper shape and added ducts on the side for enhancing brake cooling. Original
LED lamps and Sti lip spoiler are fitted to ROWEN bumper too.
Rear Bumper’s design is based on “ROWEN design”
with aggressive style.
Front Fenders were designed referring to
the race car which won the race at Nur 24h 2015.

ROWEN 4 silencers exhaust systems had
already been lunched as “PREMIUM01TR
HEAT BLUE TITAN” series and “PREMIUM01S” series.