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WHEEL Brand/SAVINI Item/SV67-XC Size/F:20×9.0J R:21×13.0J Color/AVIOBLUE
Tire Brand/PIRELLI Item/P-ZERO Size/F:245/30R20 R:325/25R21  

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Lamborghini Huracan Full Titanium Exhaust Sound

Powerful presence in the stormy outlook ROWEN launched a WORLD PLATINUM product for Lamborghini Huracan.

This is the third item under this brand name as exclusive dress up kits for world exotic cars,following Lamborghini Gallardo and Aventador.
The concept of this product is to give sporty and luxurious trait on a graceful formof Huracan,considering to keep a balance between original and newly added tastes.

The points of the design are;
Front spoiler : To add elaborated 3 dimentional lines and planes together with lip shaped details under the bumper
Side ducts fins, Side guard and Trunck spoilers : To give aggressive feeling with ROWEN identity
Rear spoiler : To adopt under diffuser to give stable looks on the original rear view as well as racy feeling through wing shaped details
Titanium exhaust system, PREMIUM01TR ≪HEAT BLUE TITANS≫:Aethetics values compatible with light weight , high frequency sound to make use of NA structure as well as high exhaust efficiency

The name of Huracan originally comes from Spanish bull fighting, but it also means a hurricane in Spanish. Now, the Hurricane was born in the new exotic car world.